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​​Autism Services in South Carolina

Karen Larson accepted the position of Director of Autism Services of South Carolina in April of 2018.  Prior to then Karen previously worked with Easterseals South since 2007. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of Early Intervention.  While working with Easterseals South Carolina she held multiple positions including Director of Early Intervention. 

Karen actively assisted the founding agency, Easterseals South Carolina, in developing Autism Services of South Carolina.  Early Intervention and Autism Services go hand-in-hand with each other on improving long-term client and family outcomes.

Karen completed her undergraduate degree at West Virginia University and her graduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  She has always been a firm believer in the concept of early intervention because research proves that the earlier supports are in place the better the outcomes are for both caregivers and their children. Karen’s graduate research and thesis were conducted on parental needs in the NICU.  This research study was a turning point in her experience in the field of Early Intervention.  Since that experience, her focus is now even more specific on striving to support and empower families by using the approach of family-driven services.  This concept will continue to be her driving force within the Autism Services of South Carolina.

Karen is married and a mother of two teenagers. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, attending sporting events, and boating.

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