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Hanna's Story 

Click the link below to watch a video of Hanna and her Therapist. 

How did you discover that your child has Autism?

When Hanna was around 18 or 19 months we noticed that she was not developing verbally as we hoped or expected. We at first thought this may be due to her first year when she was in Ethiopia and exposed almost primarily to a different language. However, as her twin continued to grow and expand her vocabulary, Hanna stayed pretty much the same and began to have periods of “spacing out” and not responding to stimuli around her. We, as a family, were fairly familiar with Autism and the diagnosis process and were pretty certain that the symptoms we were noticing in Hanna were indicative of some level of ASD. After quite a few months of doctors and paperwork, we received the diagnosis of moderate to severe ASD. I know this is not always the case, but for us it was somewhat of a relief as we knew it would allow us to access so much more support and services than we were currently receiving.

How did you learn about ABA Therapy?

We had seen the huge leaps in progress in my best friend’s son as he received ABA services. We researched some other options and tried speech and occupation therapy exclusively, but felt and knew she needed some more intense and focused therapy. ABA seemed to line up with our hopes for Hanna and our understanding of her needs as well as her vast potential.

How do you feel your child is doing now in comparison to when they first started receiving ABA?

Oh my - this is a huge thing for us. When Hanna began therapy she was literally climbing up the walls to escape, throwing herself on the ground to protest, escaping and eloping through screaming and running. It was quite the scene. Through so much patience and insight and love from her therapists, Hanna can now verbalize her needs and preferences. She is learning daily living skills and appropriate social interactions with her siblings and peers. The difference between Hanna 2 years ago and Hanna now is astounding and humbling. We’re pretty sure her growth has no limits!!

What kinds of support have been most helpful to you and why?

While all forms of services help on some level, ABA has been the most effective by far. We love the focused attention of building verbal communication skills as well as social interactions. The way Hanna has bonded and responds to her therapists is a testament to their genuine love for her and commitment to her progress.